Wedding Videos (Trailers & Documentary Edits)

A Highlight Trailer is a 3 minute cinematic short-form video that is story-driven by the audio of your wedding day (Readings, Blessings, Vows, Toasts). A Highlight Trailer is ideal for sharing key moments of your wedding day in a concise, polished film with family and friends. Rest assured your video will only use music licensed for wedding film work — we take copyright infringement very seriously!

Catalina & Remhy: Wedding Trailer

Elizabeth & William: Wedding Trailer

Jocelyn & Matthew: Wedding Trailer

Nicole & James: Wedding Trailer

Charles & Nikita: Wedding Trailer

Kristie & John: Wedding Trailer

Carli & Ricky: Wedding Trailer

Allison & Tom: Wedding Trailer

Kristen & Roman: Wedding Trailer

Wedding Cinematography Reel

Dan Zambrano’s favorite moments from DZ Productions and Visual Image (freelance) weddings.

A Documentary Edit is a cleaned-up and color-corrected, linear edit of your ceremony and reception, cut between the best camera angles and audio sources (generally 30-60 minutes each).

Andrew & Victoria: Ceremony

Andrew & Victoria: Reception

Elizabeth & William: Ceremony

Elizabeth & William: Reception

Jocelyn & Matthew: Ceremony

Jocelyn & Matthew: Reception

Catalina & Remhy: Ceremony

Catalina & Remhy: Reception

Nicole & James: Ceremony

Nicole & James: Reception

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