“A Comedian’s Journey”┬áTrailer

DZ Productions presents the trailer to the Comedy Documentary, “A Comedian’s Journey” featured below.

Voice over by Nick Ralph.

Music Produced by Daniel Warshall.

“A Comedian’s Journey” Documentary

“A Comedian’s Journey” – A DZ Productions Film

What if you had a talent you wanted to share with the world, but needed to be discovered by the right person? What if thirteen years of showcasing your talent has gone by and you have yet to be seen by that right person? Do you throw in the towel or continue pushing for your dream?

This is the journey of Quincy Carr, a yet to be discovered professional comedian. Nearly thirteen years in the business, he still hasn’t given up his hard push to put his talent on the radar of major booking agencies. Traveling from Virginia, this is his fourth trip to the Big Apple. In order to be seen on stage, he must perform for free. Ho books himself two “Bringer” shows in New York City at major comedy clubs and another, performing a “guest spot” at a hotel in New Jersey. Only 3 things matter in this business…Right place, Right time, Right person saw you! Join Quincy Carr on his journey and enjoy an irresistible blend of intense comedy, on and off stage, along with deeply touching moments. For this comedian, the journey continues.

A DZ Productions Film
Cinematographer & Editor: Dan Zambrano

Producer, Graphic Designer & Assistant Editor: Melody Ostrow

Featuring: Quincy Carr

Comedians in order they appear:
Ace Brown
Jamie Roberts
Kyle Grooms

Music Produced by:
Daniel Warshall & Decibel Beats

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